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August 11, 2003

One of the more curious Segway phenomena has been citywide banning of the device from sidewalks even before any of the voting council members have even seen the device. They universally cite its imagined dangers as reason enough to ban them, never mind that the Segway, as the very first fly-by-wire consumer device, is unique in about every aspect. It does not behave like anything before and is right down sedate and gracious around people on sidewalks, foyers, plazas and walkways. I call it the first conveyance device with social manners.

To date three communities have lost there reason and passed sidewalk bans, but the case of Key West, Florida is the oddest of them all. This is physically small, very charming and walkable community that could be made so much more livable if it would go the other way and ban the automobile and  endorse all manner of electric conveyances. So to recognized Key West CC, the City Council that couldn't shoot straight, I have dedicated this second bit of schtick.

Attention, citizens of Key West, you will be cited for using a Segway, but there is still wiggle room for other devices that do fit in with your tropical paradise. Since the time of pirates Key West has been known as the drinking capital of the Caribbean. You might not can glide, but stumbling down sidewalks in a drunken stupor is A, OK in your town. In fact Key West accepts literally boat loads of tourist to water at your bars only refusing them if it is clear they might not be able to stumble back to the pier. This is a problem that can be solved with compassion for drunks and a little creativity. With this in mind I give you a prototype of a second type of EPAMD device, the Key West Sot-mobile, the worlds first two wheeled, non-tandem self propelled barstool.

Sot_mobile1.jpg (106898 bytes) Notice that I am actually sitting on the bar stool. A Segway works fine in a sitting position.

sotmobil.gif (4883 bytes)  This figure is an example of my CAD concept drawings. I doodled in May inspired by the Key West news and discussions.

Sot_mobile4.jpg (74225 bytes)  Sot_mobile6.jpg (77320 bytes)  Sot_mobile5.jpg (41537 bytes)   The bar top is authentic, cut from an actual bar top from saved from a most excellent playa tavern at Burning Man in 2001. The Sot-mobile turns by gently twisting the Coors beer on the bar top. Twist the can left and you go left, twist right and you go right.

Sot_mobileA.jpg (18277 bytes)  Sot_mobile9.jpg (79995 bytes)The control stick is custom made with the turn collar in the vertical position The Coors can has an open bottom and is filled with hard epoxy turning ring and urethane filler

"sho whash you lookin' at buddy???? Gimmme another beer."

The Sot-mobile is the latest transport for the discerning modern barfly. Before this there was always the need to scrape oneself out of the gutter to stagger to the next bar, only to be kicked out yet again and have to repeat this drudgery over and over. NO MORE! The Sot-mobile comes with its own bar segment, bar stool and turn control aptly disguised as a Coors beer can. Modeling this rig at Burning Man 2003 will be yours truly, dressed in a filthy T Shirt and worn outback hat spouting carefully rehearsed slurs and barbs to all passerbys.

At the festival, I shall glide my rig from bar to bar expecting free beer where ever I roll. "Is he in control of that thing?" people will whisper.   Nobody will know for sure as the Sot-mobile bobs and weaves for no apparent reason, but somehow finds each Playa bartender without fail.

Sotmobile.jpg (49242 bytes) On the prowl for beer in Black Rock City.

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