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"The Fastest Segway On Earth!"

flyseg1.jpg (41771 bytes) This is a "fake photo" Think about it,                                                     This can't be done now, can it?

Announcement by Clarence Fogg:  The Official World EPAMD Speed Title will be claimed at the first annual Segway Time Trials held on the famous Black Rock Desert Saturday, August 30, 2003. Be there!

All registrations must be submitted to Christo by August 25th to guarantee a slot on the Black Rock timing track. Entrants please specify entry for stock or unlimited class. Race day is Saturday, August 30th. Contestants will assemble in Black Rock City "at the Man" at 9 a.m. The group will be escorted from there to the time trial track at promptly 9:30 a.m.

Race organizer Clearance Fogg was ask, "Why is the time trial smack dab on top of Segfest? The wily ole codger retorted, "Dang it - we worked for a year to get the Gov'ment permits for the Black Rock course, you know this is the world's number one spot for land speed record setting. Why it was only half a decade ago when Andy Green drove his jet car supersonic there. Now I don't expect any Segway contestant to beat that, well I suppose they'll go quite a bit short of that, but you never know what people will do to a Segway."

But "Segfest", he was ask again in a gentle attempt to drag him back to the query, "Questions are being ask about the underhanded CLM fixing this conflict to shake off competition, like RWC said." Clearance got real hot and retorted, "Dag Nagbit! Like I was saying the Black Rock track was booked BEFORE Segfest was even a twinkle in Brooster's eye. Get over it. If your going to Segfest then your just not going to be the Segway World Speed Champion."

Well so much for this reporter. That is until I spied Mr. Fogg sitting on his Sot-mobile in a Key West Bar. There I observed him muttering, "You know Christo is going to win hand's down. Why else would he be doing this? Your a fool to challenge him. I've seen his stuff, man, and he is goin'' shock 'ya and then your goin' to remember the awe of it forever." Mr. Fogg then fell over drunk.

August 2, 2003 These show yours truly on the "first mount" of the Big Wheels EPAMD prototype.

BigWheels1sm.jpg (65325 bytes)  BigWheels2sm.jpg (63629 bytes)    BigWheels4sm.jpg (81051 bytes)  BigWheels-hub.jpg (49859 bytes) 

Brian is the designer and maker of these exquisite hubs that mate the 36" wheels to

the Segway axles. Brian is also the "unofficial" world speed champion, having traveled

and estimated 22.5 mph during this photoshoot on August 10, 2003.

Seg_Brian3.jpg (148847 bytes)  Seg_BrianA.jpg (143024 bytes)  Seg_Brian4.jpg (191254 bytes) Seg_Brian5.jpg (143724 bytes) Seg_Brian8.jpg (243865 bytes)  Seg_Brian1.jpg (144452 bytes)  Seg_Brian6.jpg (102096 bytes)

Seg_Brian7.jpg (201464 bytes)  Seg_BrianC.jpg (107260 bytes)  Seg_Brian9.jpg (112456 bytes)  Seg_Brian2.jpg (157086 bytes)  Seg_BrianB.jpg (117038 bytes)

Christo again.  The Big Wheels is an excellent trail machine. The bumps just disappear!

Seg_Chris1.jpg (86894 bytes)

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